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brakes repair

There are many systems inside your car but the brakes are one of the most important. There are many components that have to work simultaneously to make sure your car stops in a safe manner. When you need the very best in brake repair or service, Dad’s Automotive in Oceana County, MI, will take care of you.

At Dad’s Automotive we understand everything about the complex braking system to help your car stay safe on the roads. We offer extensive brake services and repair on all American and Asian car manufacturers.

Brake Repair Oceana County MI

Most brake systems will send you a signal that something in the system needs attention. Whether it’s squeaky brakes or a grinding, you will want to bring your vehicle in, right away. When your brake pedal hits the floorboard of your car or the car is very difficult to slow down with pressing the brake pedal really hard, you know you have a problem.

Brake Service Oceana County MI

How you drive your car around will affect the wear and tear on your braking system. The brake lining and parts in the system will wear down faster with lots of stop and going type driving. Please pay attention to the way you drive so that your car’s brake service is needed less often.

If you feel that your brakes are nearing the end of their life, we at Dad’s Automotive serving the New Era, Rothbury, Hart, Shelby, and other surrounding communities will make sure to get you back on the road fast and safely, after we complete your brake service.

Brake Repair And Service Oceana County MI

The worst thing you can do is wait for an emergency to happen to test how much your brakes can handle. If the system needs attention, you need to have them serviced sooner than later.

One way to test the brakes is to do a safety check on an abandoned road or deserted parking lot. You should have your car to a decent speed and press the brake pedal firmly. If your brakes are in solid shape, your car should stop quickly. The stop should not be sideways but pretty much a straight stop.

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If you do not feel good about your braking test you completed, call Dad’s Automotive in Oceana County, MI, today or you can easily schedule an appointment online now!

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