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tires and alignment

Your car gets you from point A to point B and we take for granted the safety and comfort that the tires provide us with. Your vehicle just doesn’t just rely on you taking care of the engine, the tires also need some TLC as well. We at Dad’s Automotive in Oceana County, MI will give them the attention they so deserve.

New Tires Oceana County MI

If you do know the last time you went out to buy some new tires, you are likely long overdue. Even the best of the best tires do not last long enough for you to not remember the last time you bought new ones. You can easily do a quick tread check by using a penny. Take the penny and insert it into the groove of the tire. If you see the top of Ole’ Abe’s head, you need to come shop for tires with Dad’s Automotive.

Tire Alignment Oceana County MI

Our tire alignment service is designed to give you the most enjoyable driving experience that your car can give. It helps your car drive smoothly, helps your tire’s longevity, and keeps your steering wheel heading in the right direction. Do you know how the bottom of your shoe can wear unevenly? The same happens to your tires if the tires are not aligned properly. Not only do you enjoy a better ride with aligned tires, you avoid wearing them out sooner and also save on fuel!

Tire Rotating And Balancing Oceana County MI

When you decide to replace your tires as they start aging, you will notice the stability in your car improve. After you get your new set installed, keep an eye on them to notice wear on the tread pattern, especially noticing unevenness.

If you see the wear is uneven on your tire’s tread, this is the first symptom of tires that need to be balanced. Our ASE-certified expert mechanics know how to do a front-end alignment so that you are back on the road in no time. We also can rotate the tires so the wear continues at a more even pace.

Tires And Alignments Near Me

There are so many reasons why you should have your tires rotated, balanced and aligned. You have your family and friend’s safety as a top concern when riding in your car. Call us at Dad’s Automotive in Oceana County, MI, for all your tire needs.

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