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If you want the best auto maintenance in the communities of Shelby, New Era, Hart, and Rothbury, then look no further than Dad’s Automotive in New Era, MI. One of the things we focus on is a way to help you avoid breakdowns by providing affordable auto maintenance services. In your owner’s manual, there are guidelines but they are much more than that. They are the actual roadmap of how to get your car to last as long as possible and drive as close to the day you bought it.

Auto Maintenance Oceana County MI

If you have bought a used vehicle, knowing the car’s service history would be beneficial.

Sometimes if you get to speak to the previous owner, they can share with you how the car was maintained but this is not always accurate.

You cannot relive the past but you have the opportunity to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the auto maintenance needs going forward. We will do a multi-step check over your vehicle, to ensure your car runs in its best condition.

Auto Maintenance And Service Oceana County MI

It is easy to turn your back on the recommended maintenance when cash is low but putting off a flush of coolant could actually cost you more in the long run. At the end of the day, following the manufacturer’s auto maintenance recommendations will save you a lot of money and prevent wasting time on having to have your car in the shop.

Auto Maintenance Services Oceana County MI

You should use your ears and eyes to detect any problems but having the oil changed and other auto maintenance services are essential. Even though you get the oil changed at the recommended intervals you still need to check the oil levels occasionally.

If you ever notice drips of oil in your garage or the dipstick has a low level our expert mechanics at Dad’s Automotive in Oceana County, MI can help you with your automotive needs. Keeping your eyes open and your ears peeled will extend the life of your car.

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Whether you drive an American car or an Asian one, there is no substitute for quality auto maintenance. Having the oil changed and sticking to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule is the best avenue to take care of your investment. Call us today or use our online form to request an appointment.

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