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Your car’s AC and heat systems can lose their power over time. If you have proper and routine service and maintenance, your car will stay warm in these harsh Michigan winters and cool in the heat of the summer. We at Dad’s Automotive in Oceana County, MI have ASE-certified technicians that provide the best auto heat and AC repair available in the Shelby, New Era, Hart, and Rothbury communities.

Heat Repair in Oceana County MI

The heat and cooling systems in your car are vital to you being comfortable year-round. The AC can act as a secondary function of defrosting your windows as well as keeping your toasty in the winter. The heat system has a core element under the dash. The heat in your engine gets transferred to the coolant that heats the inside of your car. The auto AC is similar and transfers the coolant to the fan which pushes cold air into the car. Your home systems use just electrical parts where the car uses the engine’s natural ability to cool and warm the car accordingly.

AC Repair Oceana County MI

These delicate systems wear out over a period of time. The hoses can clog, which results in a leak that causes the heating and cooling capabilities to falter. If you have these systems regularly inspected, you could avoid a failure of these systems. Here are some common signs the AC is going to fail:

  • AC air is not that much cooler than the air in the car
  • The vents stink like mildew or mold
  • The heat doesn’t get warm enough
  • Longer than normal defrost times
  • Air from the vents is dirty
  • AC will not blow when the car is on but not moving
  • The AC and heat have swapped functions
  • The AC on high barely blows at all

Auto AC & Heat Repair Oceana County MI

If you have to repair your AC for any reason just know it will be worth it because your ride will be so much more enjoyable. If you bring your American or Asian car in, here are some inspection items we will complete on your car:

  • Inspect the inside vents
  • Checking coolant
  • Inspection hoses, pipes, water pump, and condenser
  • Belt inspection for the compressor
  • Examine closely for holes or other damage
  • Check the AC cooling pressure
  • Look for refrigerant leaking
  • Inside air vent output readings that look at the temperature

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